Bring Your Pet

The fear and anxiety of making the first step into the recovery process can be overwhelming. There are so many unknowns and many times this fear can prevent people from taking the first step even when they know they should.

At Lighthouse Detox, we try to alleviate these fears and barriers in many ways and one of which is by allowing clients to bring their pets to detox. It is a scientific fact that having an animal companion can reduce stress, anxiety, fear and even your blood pressure. Interactions with animals release endorphins which produce a feeling of well-being which is why animals are so frequently used as a therapeutic tool.

We have opened our doors to many dogs and cats over the years and the experience for both the staff and the clients around them have been positive in all aspects.


Commonly Asked Questions:

What will I need to bring?

You MUST bring proof of up to date vaccination records. No exceptions will be made to this policy for the safety of the other clients at Lighthouse Detox. We ask that you also bring your pet’s food, litter box, cage, collar/leash, bedding and any toys that your pet is familiar with.


Where will my pet stay?

During your stay, your pet will stay with you in your room. Your pet may walk the halls with you, attend group functions with you and lounge on the patio with you. You will be required to stay in a private room for the consideration of other clients. There is a fee for upgrading to a private room that your admissions coordinator will discuss with you.


How will my pet use the bathroom?

You and your pet will be accompanied outside for him/her to use the bathroom. If you are not feeling well, the staff will ensure that your pet gets frequent visits outside.


What kind of pets do you allow? What breed? What size?

We have not put limitations on the type or kind or size of your pet. We will review each situation on a case by case basis. However, all pets MUST BE WELL BEHAVED.


At any time, if a pet is disruptive or dangerous to the other clients, staff or the environment, the owner will be asked to make arrangements for their pet to be removed.