Our Approach to Treating Addiction



At Lighthouse Detox we care for the PERSON, not just the symptoms.

Getting help for drug or alcohol dependency can seem overwhelming. If you’re like most, you have questions and fears about what treatment entails.

At Lighthouse Detox at Jupiter Medical Center, effective personalized treatment starts with detox. This initial stage in treatment enables your body to physically detox from the effects of chemicals. To provide you with an individualized detox treatment plan, we carefully assess your addiction history and your recovery needs and goals. To make the process of detoxification less stressful and painful, we incorporate proper nutrition, counseling, relaxation therapies and medication into your plan.


Benefits of an Individualized Detox Treatment Plan

Upon entering treatment, you’ll begin to experience the benefits of having an individualized detox plan. These benefits include:

1. You Receive a Complete and Thorough Evaluation

Your mental and physical health will be carefully evaluated before beginning your detox program. These factors, as well as your age and personal goals, help determine the best detox program for you. It’s important to remember that all patients and addictions are unique so your detox can take a longer or shorter amount of time than what is originally estimated in your program.

2. You Receive Effective Tools for Dealing With Cravings and Triggers

As part of a holistic, individualized detox plan, there are many tools that be used to lessen withdrawal symptoms. These include relaxation techniques such as yoga guidance CDs and a vibro-acustic bed for added stress reduction support and anxiety reduction.

Because many individuals who seek help for addiction to drugs or alcohol are often suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, individual and group counseling sessions can help provide coping skills and support. To round out a comprehensive treatment plan, nutrition counseling can help you improve your diet and rebuild your health.

3. You Will Establish a Strong Foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle

You have probably already tried quitting on your own. However, the detoxification process is often too challenging without a strong foundation for minimizing the symptoms of withdrawal and finding solutions for dealing with daily stressors and triggers that caused you to turn to drugs or alcohol.

Personalized treatment starts with detox and then continues on with a long-term addiction recovery plan created for you and your special needs. You are special and deserve an individualized treatment plan to help you throughout the detoxification process and beyond.

We encourage you to call us now to find out more about taking this important first step on the road to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction!