Polysubstance Abuse

Polysubstance abuse is an addiction to multiple substances with no specific drug of choice, because of the high that results.

The detoxification process for polysubstance abuse is extremely complex and taxing on the body. The intensity of dependency varies according to the length of usage and causes serious physical effects, impairs mental judgment and destroys close relationships.

Treatment for polysubstance addiction is more complex, especially when an individual is unaware of hidden substances in illegal drugs. Detox is more complicated because of the overwhelming physical and mental dependency that has likely occurred. To best understand the individual situation, a total history of drug usage is needed, and tests are conducted to provide an accurate picture of the substances that have been used. This ensures that the detox program can be tailored to individual needs and developed into a program that will be effective.

It is necessary that the detoxification process happen in a safe and comfortable environment with access to medically trained staff and supervised care where medications can be given to safely control and ease withdrawal.


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