What Should I Bring?


What do I need to bring to Detox?

  • Six days of comfortable clothing. Make sure you bring pants and a sweater as it can be chilly
  • Footwear without laces
  • Toiletries
  • Insurance Card, Prescription Card and Proof of Identification
  • UNOPENED cigarettes. 
  • All of your prescribed medications in their original bottles
  • Eyeware
  • Vital contact information: Emergency Contact, Attorney, Probation Officer, EAP contact, Employer, Physician, Psychiatrist, etc
  • Reading material or non-electronic means to occupy time


What should I NOT bring to Detox?

  • Weapons
  • Vap Cigarettes / E-cigarettes
  • Laptops, Computers, IPads, IPods, Iwatch (anything that is electronic and can access the Internet)
  • Footwear with laces
  • Belts
  • Sweatshirt with drawstrings
  • Toiletries that are alcohol based (cologne, perfume, mouthwash, nail polish, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer)
  • Nothing with aerosol (i.e. deodorant, hair spray)
  • Provocative Clothing
  • Clothing that promotes sex, drugs or alcohol use
  • Valuables (i.e. jewelry)
  • Playing cards, dice or any gambling items


Note: you may bring your wallet and phone however, they will be locked in a safe and access to these items will be restricted to appointments with the Clinical Therapist.